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Danielle Nicholls

Acoustic guitar, lead vocals, percussion

An extraordinary artist in her own right, South Wales-based Danielle Nicholls will once again join The Korgis (Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime) as their newest member in 2024 continuing on from great success in 2023. Danielle is an exceptional singer/songwriter with a rich and illustrious background in music having begun sharing her original recordings before streaming was introduced, creating a true connection between herself and her fanbase.

Now, she is fully immersed in the ever-evolving music industry and is a thriving independent artist and fully qualified Yoga instructor with music and body movement going hand-in-hand for her across her musical and mental wellness journey. Danielle Nicholls is a creative who is able to use self-expression beautifully through her works and is continually evolving, making her a truly exciting talent who is continuing her story with her beloved DNB (Danielle Nicholls Band) creating many incredible memories along the way.

Her latest full-length offering ‘Never A Saint’ captured hearts and minds. During her showcase at Acapela, she wowed the intimate Welsh crowd with her eclectic sound that is deeply influenced by the likes of Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, and even Burt Bacharach. There’s a heavy focus on storytelling, with Danielle Nicholls able to take listeners on a unique journey through every song she writes.

“Danielle is that rare breed of artist who can flawlessly deliver her own unique brand of songwriting and then seamlessly mix it with Burt Bacharach, George Michael and even a bit of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!She uses her silky-smooth voice to tell tales of big romance juxtaposed with heartache songs that would make Hank Williams weep(!) and yet she still manages to keep you smiling!
Come early and don't miss a single note!”
Al Steele, The Korgis

“With a masterful set featuring a mix of her originals and a few carefully selected covers ensured the crowd was kept enthralled throughout the show. The musicianship was faultless and seemingly effortless throughout the set which was over way too soon! Fan? You betcha!”
Mike Kennedy, Welsh Connections.