Danielle Nicholls Band

The Band Members

Danielle Nicholls

Acoustic guitar, lead vocals, percussion

Danielle has been singing and writing songs since she was 15. Honing her craft by performing with various bands over the years and showcasing as a solo artist on national television and radio shows.

Her voice has been compared to Karen Carpenter, Jonie Mitchell, Barbra Streisand and even Doris Day!

“ I’ll take any of those!” She says.

Stefan Tomczyk

Guitarist and songwriter

Stefan is a South Wales native who fell in love with the guitar age 13 and has been playing ever since. He’s also been known to dabble with the trumpet, harmonica, mandolin and melodica, and has composed music for short films.

When not playing music he can usually be found eating and sleeping though not usually at the same time.

Steve Wilfred

Acoustic guitar, Percussion, vocals

Steve’s love of music stretches back as far as the eye can see – and a bit further!

He began as a guitarist in various bands, touring the Welsh circuit playing covers from artists such as Santana and The Eagles but was always a frustrated percussionist at heart. Indulging this passion, he mastered a wide range of hand drums such as congas, darbuka, bongos, cajon and frame drum.

As a result, as well as being a stalwart of the DNB, he’s now in high demand as an Arabic percussionist regularly playing at venues throughout the UK and working with leading names in this genre.

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