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All of DNB albums are here

Never a Saint CD

Dan's 2023 album 'Never a Saint' is a masterpiece and also chronicles a period of her life. Danielle's music is always personal, but here we feel like we are living through the ups and downs. This was recorded over a 3 year period and the orchestrations were created so each song would have it's own life. There is great variation here, yet all the songs are undeniably from the same family and Danielle's voice of silk guides us through the journey effortlessly.

Beautiful Thoughts CD

This six song EP was produced by Jon Wright. Jon is Julia Fordham's musical director, who Dan often cites as one of her major influences. As varied as it is beautiful, this is a collection of sumptuous songs. Red Kite is a standout track and a live favourite.

Tales of the Danielle Nicholls Band

Danielle's most electric album. Produced by Al Steele at Shabbey Road Studios, over a hot summer and a cold winter! An album of classic Danielle beauty, even if it does invoke the odd cry of 'Judas' occasionally!

Breathe CD

An amazing collection of songs for a debut album. Some rate this as still their favourite DN album. A truly organic sounding piece of work. Some very off-the-wall writing such as 'If I Could' or the very cute 'Cowboys and Indians'.